About Us

Gaulelo Events at your service

Gaulelo is an events management and consulting company that offers a one stop shop for services needed for any type of event, we have a solution from the smallest to the largest event.

We deliver spectacular events that have come to be appreciated by the testimony we receive from our clients, proven over the years by the level of customer retention and repeat business.

No matter the size and budget of an event, we bring out the best in every event we do. It can be a wedding, party, special celebration or a big corporate or government function.

We offer complete event planning and management services, fun and special event coordination, and event promotion, when you entrust Gaulelo Events with your event you can sit back, relax and continue with your core activities assured of a satisfactory end result.

We creat memorable and exemplary events because we know how much it matters to our clients. We also provide event and venue consulting services,we do all the hard work of researching venues for you in line with your budget and brief.

We also offer needs assessments where you can be easily accommodated depending on your necessities, staff training, and general management assistance. Our services are available throughout the South Africa and bordering African countries.

We value every event assignment

We value every event, We employ a dedicated team that ensures a successful outcome. You can be assured that the service you will get from us will be nothing short of exquisite and heart warming experience. With us, every event is a perfect outcome of the brief, theme and planning process.

You can rely on US

We have a long service track record to prove that our clients can rely on us, we have delivered many events under unfavorable conditions, we have been tested to the extreme and have come out on the other side victorious. We have a team that subscribes to the highest levels of morals and ethics.


We believe in nothing but quality and premium service!


We deliver out of our comfort zone, Our team has proven on many occasions to be agile in delivering on client’s wildest concepts. Give us a try, we will SHOCK you!


We value every client we have, we are a credible team that offers trusted and excellent services.